Meet the Creator..

There is indeed a story behind every product, more than a story there is a creator -  A real-life person that has taken the time to create every product you see on our store. We want to celebrate them and their creativity by sharing their story with you and in so doing, we hope that it will add extra character to your product and you may even find that you cherish your new purchase a whole lot more! #loversofart #peoplematter #loversofbeautifulthings #creatives

Our profile layouts will differ, much like our artists, craft producers and designers.


With love,
The Made in Everywhere family

Meet Davis - Recycled FlipFlop Sculptures

Meet Johan - Proudly Macassar Pottery

Meet Thuleka - ATG… “the bag lady”

Meet Gaynor - the creative behind Tarnell


Meet Sune’ - founder of Orange Lemon