Meet our African accessories queen, Zanele Mjuza founder of UZANI…



UZani was established in 2016 by Zanele Mjuza and she is originally from Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Her Kente fabric is sourced from Ghana. Combining the two different cultures she creates beautiful  traditional pieces with a modern African twist.

“We live in a modern Africa” and being from a very diverse South Africa she makes wearing traditional Kente fabric almost look like every day wear.  She comes from a fashion background where she works in retail and has always had an eye for fashion and style. The reason behind this new venture was because every time she wanted to buy a unique neckpiece it was so difficult to find something that really fits her personality. She then decided she needed to learn how to make these special accessories herself. “I wear a lot of African print clothing”, so the idea of making African print accessories was not far-fetched,” she adds.  It started with a simple pair of earrings to making tote bags and backpacks, neckpieces and she is now even making African print chokers. At first she only made these items for herself until she realized there is a market for what she was producing and people were showing interest.

I work with an amazing partner and we bring out the best in each other and we grow each other as partners in the business. I started going to markets to sell and the rest is history the feedback and experience has been amazing  and I am forever  grateful to my Creator . One day I would like to open a very big factory where I can teach young girls the skills I have acquired. It’s very important as a nation to groom the youth with skills that can better their future.