Meet the lovely, bubbly Lizl Naude' founder of Lilly Loompa…



Lizl Naude' is a Cape-town-based Furniture Designer, she is married and has two daughters. Lizl is the owner and founder of Lilly Loompa Furniture Design Company.

As a qualified Interior Decorator she graduated “Top of her class” at Inscape Design College in 2008. She has over 15 years’ experience in the Event, Jewellery, Interiors, Construction and Furniture industries.

She originally founded Lilly Loompa as a Jewellery Company in 2004, and her hand-made costume jewellery was featured in numerous magazines and adorned the necks of the Pop Idol, Karin Kortje and the Radio DJ, Suga.

Being a creative is what drives her. In a sense finding solutions to everyday problems has let her to start this business. She started designing and making furniture roughly 6 years ago, mostly because she couldn’t afford to buy new pieces to furnish her home. She started to scout and source for budget material and quickly realised that most people discard of very usable materials. This lead to her self-building and designing beautiful furniture items that she used in her home.

A self-taught Furniture Designer and maker, Lizl was interview various times on E-TV, and KykNet, where she was recognized as a DIY specialist. Besides this she was the resident DIY contributor to a youth magazine called 4Change from 2012-2013, as well as the Green Home Magazine in 2014.

Her designs are unique and exclusive. They are made with recycled materials which most people view as trash. This approach to building an environmentally conscious brand, has become part of her family’s lifestyle. They are currently living in and building an off-grid shipping container home. The concept behind it is that it will become a model/concept home for green living to be rolled out as a solution to SA’s housing crisis.

Lizl has big plans to build a great brand. One that people will relate to and support because of its values which are trust, integrity and passion. She also intends launching a new range of furniture made with new material, but manufactured to environmentally safe standards.